WE ALL WEAR MONCLER is a special project produced by Vogue with Moncler to celebrate the power of women’s personal style. Each one of these New York women interpret Moncler’s iconic down jacket differently – the result is a vibrant showcase of individuality, where the versatility of the Moncler jacket shines.

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Courtesy of Moncler


Gillean McLeod, the 60-year-old Scottish stylist and swimwear model, spotted in her warm and comfy Moncler Escallonia jacket


Amy Sall, founder of Sunu, starts her daily morning routine with a coffee and her independent and multidisciplinary Journal in her hand, always wearing her red
Paeonia jacket


Polish model Cleo Cwiek, posing by the waterfront with the Manhattan Bridge behind her, wearing her pink Moncler Nerium jacket


Architect and model Tandi Reason Dahl, hopping from one meeting to another and wearing her warm Moncler Callis puffer


Model Skylar Tartz, a new face model, having a pleasant Sunday afternoon stroll wearing her Moncler Cercis jacket


Swedish actress and model Erika Linder with her Moncler Callis jacket in a cold winter NYC morning, headed towards her next casting