I bring to you the women who inspire me – Those made of strength, inner beauty, graceful femininity and vigilance. We are awake, alive and inspired to celebrate women from all walks of life. This is the time to speak our conviction and use our voices to invoke change. This is the upside of the downside.

Femininity has not one definition and this fall begins with a question – What does it mean to say a woman should dress like a woman? From utilitarian overcoats and two-tone work gloves to chantilly lace and hand embroidered gowns with 220.000 delicately woven crystals; floral prints and hand-knit cable cashmere, this season we offer multiple ways to celebrate the exuberance of being a woman and to interpret her femininity as she sees fit.

We look back to the women in the 1940s America and Nepal – The women who maintained grace under pressure and held a quiet power, a secret weapon during war. These women are workers, mothers, fighters and sisters who understood that one minority’s downfall is equivalent to the demise of all humanity. This notion of modern feminine power is reflected in silhouettes that draw on military detailnig with blurred camo prints juxtaposed with strategically placed ruching to showcase the female form. This is my love letter to you, our woman, who inspires us to present our unabashed and unapologetic definition of femininity with a bite.

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Source: FB/PrabalGurung
Courtesy of Prabal Gurung