«What initially inspired me were images of Anna Magnani, not only because she’s my favorite actress, but above all because she embodies a physicality common among Italian women – one exuding a sensuality that’s neither artificial nor affected, that has a conscious element of drama yet materializes with perfect unawareness, natural ease. Her Hollywood days captured my imagination most, back in 1955 when she did The Rose Tattoo, Daniel Mann’s film adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play of the same name. I wanted to describe the moment where she – so feminine, so Italian – crosses paths with another type of femininity, the vision of gender equality taking hold on college campuses at the time, a fine male/female mix of aesthetics and references that led to a glamorous attitude which I see as very modern», says N°21 creative director Alessandro Dell’Acqua.

Source: FB/No. 21
Courtesy of No. 21