For Fall/Winter 2017, Neil Barrett revisits his Arts College years and commissions British photographer Brett Lloyd to create a series of images reminiscent of 1980s London. The spirit of the eras style magazines and the style dubbed Buffalo is evoked throughout the campaign, depicting an elusive youth photographed on the streets of Hackney, East London.

The campaign stars a combination of models and street-casts: Willow Barrett, William Allen, Celine Delaugère, Tyler Wright and first-timer Alfie Harris.

Highly captivating, Lloyd’s on-film photography blurs the lines between fashion photography and reportage: while black and whites have an echo of 1980s street-style, its colour counterparts feel resolutely contemporary, creating a dialogue of past and present.

Photographer: Brett Lloyd
Models: Willow Barrett, William Allen, Celine Delaugère, Tyler Wright & Alfie Harris
Creative Director: Neil Barrett
Styling: Tony Irvine
Casting Director: Noah Shelley

Courtesy of Neil Barrett