Discover Moncler Moonray, three-minute short film, featuring looks from Fall Winter 2017/18 collection, directed by Golgotha, and starring models Alina Bredova, Alexis Petit and Mael Prince. In charge of styling was Margaux Doiteau, with art direction from Régis Tosetti, and set design by Jean-Michel Bertin. Hair and makeup is work of beauty artist Loriane Leger, with body painting from Kate Mur.

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“Moonray is a three-minute short film directed as a B-Movie. The plot follows the classical current of these films and is based on the fear for aliens and Earth invasion that becomes, through engrossing narrative, a more ironic vision of how all – human and extraterrestrials – are looking for the same thing: Moncler. MOONRAY is not a conventional fashion film but serves as an ironical showcase of the MONCLER MOONRAY editorial theme. From the silver Jacket take place the fight beyond the Moon, in the frozen planet Glaglax, of the star girl and boy heroes against the alien. The real stars of the film are the jackets: human and alien faced and fight for Moncler, that will cross the limits of the earth to reach the space…“

Courtesy of Moncler

Moncler | "Moonray" B-Movie