Mercedes-Benz has re-defined tradition for over 130 years. Now it’s your turn to re-write life’s unwritten rules.

Patchwork families. Abandoned friends. Rap icons. They’re caught between traditional expectations and modern life. And they wouldn’t have it any other way. See the film series from Mercedes-Benz, and explore the compact cars helping.

What does it mean to “Grow up” ?

It’s a good question. Throught our lives, we’re told to do things a certain way. But maybe a modern life isn’t about following tradition. It’s about re-defining it. Who says adulthood should stand in the way of our freedom.

Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Grow up. Trailer – Mercedes-Benz original

Grow up: “Spend time with family” – Mercedes-Benz original

They used to be inseparable – until Natasha abruptly cut off all contact with Kate. Eight months later, Natasha has to confront the decision that will define both of their futures. Growing up doesn’t always turn out the way you think.

Grow up: “Be a good parent” – Mercedes-Benz original

He did exactly what others expected of him for his entire life. What happens when that isn’t good enough? After a catastrophe at the office, and a desperate call to his estranged son, Tomas’ conservative reality is turned upside down.

Grow up: “Get a job” featuring A$AP Rocky – Mercedes-Benz original

Dreams can come at a price. But hard work can pay off. This is the true story about a boy named Rakim who blazed his own trail to the top with nothing but a dream beat.

Grow up: “Settle down” – Mercedes-Benz original

Dominic had life all figured out. The only problem is that his life was her. Now alone for the first time since he can remember, Dominic has to pick up the pieces and begin the most important relationship of all.

Grow up: “Start a family” – Mercedes-Benz original

They’ve both made mistakes. They both have secrets. Now, two lifelong best friends, turned lovers, turned parents must figure out who they are once and for all. Meet the family.