Find your on the go style and get your inspiration from Antonina’s style…

Precious stones, pearls, studs, worn effect and tie-dye detailed to perfection to reveal the evolution of indigo fabric through countless interpretations. More than anything else, denim has a story to tell.

One of the most acclaimed faces on the international catwalks, young Antonina is already a star: her girl next door beauty and eclectic charm are her inimitable keys to success. Her fashion keywords? Spontaneity, energy, simplicity.

“I love to use my style to express my personality. I think more and more women are doing this”. These days people appreciate if you have your own ideas, thought and visions, and one way of presenting it to the world is definitely your own style.” – Antonina Petkovic describes herself with a sophisticated look, suitable for every occasion.

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Courtesy of Liu Jo