Big Little Lies star Nicole Kidman takes the cover story of American inStyle Magazine‘s July 2017 edition captured by fashion photographer Will Davidson.

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“Some I’ll shed the minute I walk away, and others not so much. Celeste on Big Little Lies took a long time to walk away from. Also, that was dealing with [domestic violence] issues that are very, very present. I meet people all the time who are going through it. And I experienced it in that way [onset ]where I would come home and be physically hurt at times. And Keith was like a soothing balm, because I came home to a man who wasn’t like that. But I had a foot in both worlds. There were points where I was on the floor just crying, and I had to stay in that. I was deeply affected by it. But that’s the nature of things when you’re really trying to be authentic.” – Nicole on how long it takes to come down from performances.

Photographer: Will Davidson
Talent: Nicole Kidman
Styling: Julia von Boehm

Courtesy of InStyle Magazine

Aussie Audit with Nicole Kidman and Laura Brown | InStyle