Pucci’s “Cities of the World”, is a special collection of scarves celebrating many different international cities. From Florence, Rome and New York, from Paris to Hong Kong, London, Capri and more, the cities nod to the Florentine brand’s storied past as well as today. Each silk scarf features an exclusive, hand-drawn print depicting a real scene from its featured city.

The project has its roots in Pucci’s iconic Battistero scarf, the original love letter to Florence that the Marquise Emilio Pucci penned in 1957. Roughly sketched and brightly colored, the illustrated print depicts Florence’s Piazza Santa Maria del Fiore, shot with flashes of vibrant lemon yellow, tangerine orange, “Emilio” pink and deep fuchsia.

The legendary print made a dramatic comeback in June 2014 when the city’s historic Battistero di San Giovanni was wrapped in a life-sized rendering of this very print. Entitled “Monumental Pucci,” the sides of the octagonal building were covered with 2,000 square meters of printed canvas mimicking the actual contours of the building’s surface in Battistero’s bold colors and motifs. The vivid return of the Battistero print not only celebrates the special ties of Emilio Pucci with Florence, but also sets in motion the launch of the “Cities of the World” series in which other important corners of the world have now been honored. Hand drawn by the atelier of the Maison, each exclusive print faithfully replicates the architecture, landscape and charming details of its tribute city in a stylized way.

These include Rome’s historic Spanish steps, Shanghai’s cosmopolitan skyline dotted with lanterns, Paris’ famed Avenue Montaigne, Hong Kong’s skyscrapers mixed with its monuments and New York’s Madison Avenue with aerial views of Central Park. The prints have been drawn with a bold hand and strong black outlines punched with vibrant color. Each city has been assigned an original color schematic from the Emilio Pucci palette: white, red, pink for Shanghai, yellow, green and purple for New York, red, turquoise and green for Paris, purple, lemon and turquoise for Hong Kong, and fuchsia and turquoise for Rome. Crafted from fine silk twill and printed in Como’s celebrated silk district, the scarves faithfully adhere to the brand’s noble artisan tradition.

The impeccable quality is underscored with hemming and finishing all done by hand. These one-of-a-kind scarves possess a wearable timeless appeal, the ultimate fashion accessory destined to become also collectible souvenirs to treasure and keep; postcards from Pucci that will continue to grow as new cities are added. Emilio Pucci now turns its creative eye to the Russian capital – Moscow – to create a new collectible “Cities of the World”. Inspired by the traditional matrioska dolls complete with their decorative details as well as by the unique Domes of the S. Basil Cathedral the scarf is sprinkled with an artistic touch and a light irony that turns it into another very special print. A splash of soft hues of liliac, pink and fucsia gives it a fresh and unmistakable vibe. As the rest of the collection “Cities of the world” Moscow is packaged in striking color-contrasting gift boxes. An exclusive and limited edition capsule Ready-to-Wear collection will be presented for the launch in March in store.

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Courtesy of Emilio Pucci