Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor is styled by Malini Banerji in R.E.S.P.E.C.T, lensed by John-Paul Pietrus for Elle India January 2018.

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Kapoor’s interview focuses on optimism, a feeling in short supply in today’s world. She reminds us:

Well, when the world goes through hard times, the best dialogue starts, wonderful art comes out of it – whether that’s through film or literature – the dialogue is more relevant, and it propagates some sort of change. So, as an artist, it’s the moment that we can actually thrive in and have the best sort of work come out of. It’s sad, but that’s the truth.

I’m really optimistic about all this dialogue about female empowerment, and what’s going on in terms of people speaking up for what they deserve, whether it’s the way they have been treated at work, equal pay for equal opportunity, women trying to have their voices heard louder, the self-worth that they are discovering. I think that’s something that we should be really positive about because for all these years, especially in our part of the world, in Asia and the Middle-East, women have not had much of a voice. I’m optimistic about the kinds of films that are doing well in India right now, at least the films that I have been part of. They’re not easy films, the so-called ‘masala entertainers’ that usually do well in India. The audience is more intelligent than we give them credit for.

Photographer: John-Paul Pietrus
Model: Sonam Kapoor
Styling: Malini Banerji
Hair: Keiichiro Hirano
Make-Up: Ruby Hammer
Manicure: Cherrie Snow

Courtesy of Elle India