“In interviews, I’m often asked to explain what it is exactly in Balmain’s DNA that sets us apart. I often answer that our instantly recognizable silhouette and style is due in part to my insistence on reflecting the way that members of my generation think, live and dress today. My generation’s distinctive spirit, values and taste are echoed in the rebellious attitude of the Balmain Army, the diversity of our runway and the singular tailoring of the house’s offerings.

While planning for and shooting this campaign, I wanted to ensure that the same youthful spirit was front and center in each and every final image. By relying on a casting of fresh, new faces and keeping things upbeat and relaxed, my team and I have managed to create a campaign that stands out for its young, spontaneous and positive vibe.

Look carefully at these images. In the background, over models’ shoulders and below their feet you’ll note the beautiful marble, sculptures and gardens of the magnificent Château de Baronville, near Chartres. I chose that location to emphasize another important component of Balmain’s distinctive identity: our French heritage. For while Balmain does have a truly global outlook, we always celebrate our roots as an historic Parisian house, with my most recent collections emphasizing the pride I feel for my country’s unique culture, history and style.” – Olivier Rousteing

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Photographer: Olivier Rousteing
Creative Director: Pascal Dangin
Models: Aleyna Fitzgerald, Valery Kaufman, Tami Williams, Roosmarijn De Kok, Kiko Arai and Katrin Zakharova

Courtesy of Balmain