The House of Balmain is pleased to unveil today the first 44 François Premier collection.

“As a friend pointed out the other day, it’s more than a little ironic that I-an adopted child, unsure of his own origins-ended up as Creative Director of an historic house that continually references its storied heritage. Of course, over the past six years, I’ve often relied on that singular legacy, turning to Balmain’s rich archives for inspiration and constantly depending on our atelier for its mastery of age-old couture techniques.

At the same time, though, my vision for Balmain is a forward-looking one. The ten collections that I oversee each year often channel modern influences, particularly the music and urban styles of our time. I believe that this house’s unique and immediately recognizable silhouette and style is due as much to my insistence on reflecting how my generation dresses today as our collections’ incorporation of the many strands of Balmain’s historic DNA.

As Balmain continues its impressive upward trajectory and the demand for this house’s red-carpet pieces grows, I find that-for one small part of our output, at least-I now have the luxury of focusing the spotlight solely on the unique heritage that Pierre Balmain left with us. Le 44 François Premier, the new collection that we unveil today, is named for the Paris address of M. Balmain’s original couture atelier. Working on this range is a bit of a palette cleanser for me-a chance to return to the beginnings of this house, with the single driving goal being that of creating unique and exquisite pieces, far removed from editorial and runway pressures.

Someday, perhaps, my own roots will become clearer for me. Today, with the launch of Le 44 François Premier, this house’s unique origins are made even more evident.” Olivier Rousteing

Courtesy of Balmain

Balmain | 'Le 44 François Premier" Collection by Olivier Rousteing