The perfume of a Parisian woman’s dreams… A fragrance that illuminates her days spent strolling through the streets and soaking up the sun on café terraces. A fresh, playful and chic fragrance that is as light and airy as a couture.

With subtle and relaxed elegance, disarming naturalness and a casual charm, the Parisienne embodies an ideal of style and savoir-vivre. This coquettish woman never leaves the house without her ultimate beauty accessory, the finishing touch for her glamorous attire: her Mademoiselle Azzaro Eau de Toilette. Wrapped in her favorite fragrance, she leaves a scented floral trail in her wake as she saunters along sunny pavements and whirls around the Parisian streets in her stilettos. The city is at her feet.

Mademoiselle Azzaro celebrates Paris, and so does its ad campaign. It features a modern heroine of the French New Wave, a beautiful girl with gamine allure. “In the heart of France’s capital, Chloé François, with her sassy charm and natural elegance, plays hide and seek with the Eiffel Tower. Joyfully uplifting.“

Courtesy of Azzaro

Mademoiselle Azzaro | Official Film

Azzaro | 'Mademoiselle Azzaro' Eau de Toilette | Behind the Scenes

A very pretty French tomboy… Chloé François, the epitome of the Parisienne for Mademoiselle Azzaro.