Every Bulgari creation is magic… it expresses a wish upon a star, our wishes exist in our dreams… but Bulgari makes them real.

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Courtesy of Bulgari

Luxuriant objects of desire, the Serpenti Viper creations enchant with the dangerous beauty of their iconic design. Magically mesmerizing in the garden of Eden with colourful gemstones and sinuous shapes, the jewels convey a tempting universe of sensuality.

With its architectural look, B.zero1 shines as the star of design in the constellation of jewelry. Taking the ancient Colosseum as its mold, the collection asserts audacious innovation and amazes the world at every new appearance, like a living performance of art.

Like spotlights shining over the most glamorous divas, the Bulgari star lightens up the Divas’ Dream collection. With innate sophistication, a penchant for extravagance and an unmistakable shape, these creations are the quintessence of Italian elegance and feminine beauty.

An alchemy of visionary genius, striking geometry and excellent manufacture, Octo fulfills the dream of Swiss watchmaking mastery fused with Italian creativity. In the male galaxy of Bulgari, character and distinction enlighten the collection of feasts.

Shining with sunlight amongst the brilliance of stars, LVCEA illuminates every wish with its radiant aura. Capturing the power of light into its round case evocative of an ancient sundial, the watch winds Roman history with a modern and timeless design.

Capturing the magic of every wish, for Winter holiday Serpenti is rebirthed into the collection of dreams. With festive hues and shimmering colours, striking design and stellar enchantment, Bulgari infuses its joyful spirit into seductive creations that sparkle with glamour.

In the scented firmament of fragrances, Goldea sparkles as the queen of elegance and seduction. Imbued with the excitement of the Eternal City, the perfume exhales the magic of a Roman night, with its unique blend of entrancing mystery and spellbinding femininity.