It is possible that the earliest designed object was a talisman-an object believed to hold supernatural powers. Its intricate form would have exuded mystery, indicating the determined work of some atavistic clan. But what makes a pendant a talisman? It is only named such after it has performed its magic: its efficacy proves superiority over common objects; its potency suggests some higher purpose.

Handcrafted from silver, semi-precious stones, and natural materials, Prada’s first jewelry collection plays on the relationship between primeval artifacts and the relentless progression of so-calledcivilization. The unisex line is made up of rarified elements, each uniquely coarse in shape, lined with fibers and locked into exquisitely refined silver moldings. The jewelry is packaged in an elegant, satin-lined Saffiano box that reflects an inspiration of mystical entitiesfound throughout history. The material contrasts give each piece distinct character and emphasize the way in which primitive forms have eternally shaped human consciousness.

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Models: Anastasija Jure, Quintin Van Konijnenberg
Director: Marescotti Ruspoli

Courtesy of Prada