Vivienne Westwood rejoined the embrace of London, reorganized the men and women series, on Monday, London Men's Week show, see Vivienne would like to express what message by the series: our men's exhibition in London is a show for men Also set for women. A lucky young woman, she comes from a better place than others, where she is taken care of by the loving parents. She is intelligent, artistic talent, love adventure, hope that the man in life can have the same experience it They love our costumes. We are a high fashion company, a happy company, technical, staff, a bit of artisan temperament, one of its characteristics is through our tailoring principle, we mass production looks like a senior custom clothing clothes.

She and he in the neutral dress and exchange clothing to find fun. "Buy less, choose the better, with more time" limited the exploitation of the natural resources of the Earth. He and she are involved in the Intellectuals Unite (IOU) program, and become increasingly afraid of climate variability. We are creepy. We wear paper made crown, in the end who is our ruler? We do not accept the rule of a few million people, we want to return to the people / democratic rule, we have a responsible government, the people responsible, rather than the bank, responsible for the business consortium. Prevent climate variability. All our friendly are ready to SWITCH! What's bad for the planet is bad for the economy.

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Source: FB/Vivienne Westwood
Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood