The automaker did just that with the power-hitting MLB superstar Bryce Harper, who once hit a baseball over 500 feet his freshman year of high school. The 2015 National League MVP inked a deal in late 2016 with Jaguar to become a brand ambassador. Now he drives an F-Type daily, so you could say that was a pretty smart move.

In this Jaguar ad “Style vs Performance,” Harper describes how the F-Type is the best of both, much like himself. Both the F-Type and Harper exude a tenacity and confidence unrivaled by their competitors. Putting them side by side seems like a no brainer.

“The feeling of the car, the sound of the car, there’s nothing else like it,” the Washington Nationals slugger says. “When you get into a car, you want that car that performs at the top of its ability every single time you get in it. When you look at an F-Type, it’s a stud.”

Photographer: Kai Regan
Athlete/Jaguar Ambassador: Bryce Harper
Styling: Mark Holmes
Grooming: Whitney Bansin

Courtesy of Jaguar