"The first presentation of ideas regarding our collaboration with adidas took place in January 2017. We came to an agreement during the Paris Fashion Week one year later, after the 4th presentation, and we could finally start working on our sneakers. In May 2020, after a period full of meetings, feedbacks, assignments, and adjusting the details, we finally put the 5th and the final version of the adidas x Footshop sneakers into production." Footshop

"The classic craft of blueprinting has its roots in Footshop's prime countries. During the process of creating the sneakers, we were inspired by traditional patterns, which used to be immortalized on local folk costumes in the past by using the blueprinting technique. Besides that, the one and only Superstar silhouette features a lot of hiking elements, which refer to the local interest in exploring the unknown, even in the closest nature. Therefore, features like corrugated track-sole or metal D-ring lacing are a part of a collaboration called Blueprinting." Footshop

"The main part of the blueprint craft technique, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, hasn't changed for the past 300 years. At first, the primary white fabric is coated with a special light green emulsion. Originally, carved stamps used to be used during this phase, however, they have been replaced by modern and more efficient screen printing. After pattern printing, the fabric is soaked into an indigo blue bath in five cycles. The fabric is then rinsed in water and stabilized. At this stage, the white pattern comes out for the first time. Several washes follow which prevent the final product from color bleeding." Footshop