This season's new campaign is inspired by the romance and splendour of Italy. It is here that we meet five wonderfully unique characters - new members of the Furla Society.

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Photographer: Stas May
Models: Jamie Wise, Jessica Strother, Lily Nova, Malik Lindo & Wen Shiwei
Styling: Beth Fenton
Hair: Malcolm Edwards
Make-Up: Lisa Butler

Courtesy of Furla

Furla Ducale radiates the elegance and sophistication of true royalty. Her powerful presence simply cannot be ignored. Always the centre of attention, she is the ultimate jewel in the crown.

Furla Toucan is a sight to behold. Channeling the grace and glamour of a movie star, she controls the room with effortless style. She’ll draw you into her magical world.

Furla Arancya’s world is filled with love, light and positivity. A free spirit with a big heart - the perfect antidote to a bad day. She brightens up the world with her colourful ways. What’s not to love?

If there’s one person you can rely on to look good, It’s Furla Zeus. Perfectly groomed and oozing with confidence, he’s certainly the man for the job. A walking pinnacle of perfection.

Brimming with italian chic and full of energy, Furla stacy casanova is a charming party guest - especially if you like things fruity.