With the looks from Antonio Marras Fall Winter 2018 collection you can no doubt costume a period movie. If a fashion stylist and a director put their minds together and wanted to shoot a story about young Milanese boys and girls, maybe somewhere in the later 50’s early 60’s they would find garments to die for in this collection. In fact the designer himself told a story titled “For Grace Received” with an ancestor name John Marras, to make this moment even more theatrical taking the runway was a showstopping dance troop.

The story of nostalgia and art is mixed into the fabric of the Antonio Marras fall winter 2018 collection, which comes as a thrill of every collection by Mr Marras.  Coming down as a mid century vintage theme, the looks spotlight uptown girls who are elegant in their ankle length dresses, combined with flat shoes easily borrowed from the menswear wardrobe, and glamorous lace and printed detail adorned coats.

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Source: FB/Antonio Marras
Courtesy of Antonio Marras