"For seven years, I’ve been beyond lucky. Being part of this house, with its impressive past and rich archives is, of course, a blessing. My team and I have been allowed to draw upon an incredibly inspiring legacy, building upon the foundations that others laid well before us. Today’s singular silhouette and recognizable style owes much, of course, to the traditions and talents of the house that Pierre Balmain built.

But, as those familiar with our house’s history already know, M. Balmain’s incredible vision was not one that looked backward. He was a man of his time-and his postwar era was one of renewed hope in new possibilities. He was inspired enough by future visions to boldly break with many well-established conventions of his time. That’s why I feel that what you are seeing today pays a special homage to this house’s legacy. Just like Pierre Balmain, I have used this collection to challenge myself to look forward, playing with new ideas, techniques, materials and colors. And this runway’s fresh palette, neon pops and surprising materials have also helped inspire us, as we launch the worlds’ first digital accessory.

Our new Balmain Snapchat lens not only reflects the colors of the collection-it also makes clear that we are committed to pushing the boundaries of how people experience Balmain, reflecting our strong commitment to ensuring we are always as inclusive and accessible as possible. Finally, while respecting our past and looking to the future, this collection continues to reflect our present-most particularly the confidence, daring and power of today’s women who form our diverse and beautiful Balmain army." Olivier Rousteing Paris March 2, 2018

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Source: FB/Balmain
Courtesy of Balmain