The DVF Spring 2018 campaign visually tells the story of various women doing just that, each depicted in her own inspirational, strong, courageous, feminine way. The campaign displayed through the photographic lens of Oliver Hadlee Pearch and Jonny Lu Studio’s creative art direction, illustrates the mission to “celebrate freedom, empower women, and inspire confidence.”

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Campaign was shot in major locations throughout New York from the East River State Park with the breathtaking view of Manhattan’s skyline, to a private Upper East Side apartment, the historic Irving Place Theater, and East Village at night, the campaign illustrates the unique, inspirational everyday lives of New York women. Alluding to the brand’s diverse, authentic message through the collective line-up of models: Kiki Willems, Imaan Hammam, Lua, Dovanna, Scarlett, Alicia, Roxane, & Zoe.

Courtesy of DVF

Credit: Agency: Jonny Lu Studio - Photographer: Oliver Hadlee Pearch - Models: Imaan Hammam, Kiki Willems, Lua, Dovanna, Scarlett, Alicia, Roxane, & Zoe - Video Director: Julian Kapadia - Casting Director: Adam Hindle - Street Casting Director: Jennifer Venditti - Choreographer: Les Child - Set Design: Patience Harding - Hair: Tina Outen - Makeup: Chiho Omae - Manicurist: Rica Romain - Production: Sylvia Farago