Can you ever really know Furla Bag? The new Furla bag from the Cruise 18 collection is her perfect match. Which bag and society member best fits your personality?

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This season’s holiday campaign promises to be both intriguing and inspirational. The spirit of the Furla Cruise 18 campaign will focus on celebrating feminine individuality through different personalities of women worldwide.

Courtesy of Furla

Furla Fiorita is the queen of self-expresiion - confident and worldly wise. She exudes charm alongside sophisticated glamour. An adventurous and spirited leader who will always tell you what she’s thinking.

Aruba’s bold personality and individuality demand attention. Vibrant and intense, she confidently styles prints on print, colours on colour. Her world is a kaleidoscopic adventure.

Jungle Cat is on the prowl, ready to unleash her wild side with maximum expression. Unpredictable, she is fun and playful, yet mesmerising and mysterious. Her eyes speak a thousand words.

Arabesque is highly practiced in the art of mystique. Her complex personality is often aloof and always perplexing. She will draw you into a dark and exciting world where anything can happen.

Nuvola is sweet and innocent, radiating youthful vitality and a vivacious personality. She exudes effortless elegance and beams positive energy all around her. An inspiration to all those she meets.

Pitone leaves a smouldering impression wherever she goes. Her raw, magnetic energy is alluring and impressive. This feisty and outspoken goddess has an answer for everything and style to match.