The Sardinian designer draws from history, culture and his love of travel to create exceptional fabrics with extraordinary attention to detail.

This season it’s about: A patchwork of prints, denim, gingham (spot it blown up and faded on a fabulous suit), lamé, lace and more — find ’50s silhouettes, creating ‘lady’ pieces that feel anything but traditional.

The collection was inspired by Malick Sidibé’s photos of nightlife in Bamako, Mali, in the ’50s and ’60s. They are captivating snapshots of a generation whose looks were shaped both by local tradition and the rock ‘n’ roll fever then sweeping the globe. The set was a stylized shanty of corrugated iron within which were seated some young black women reading vintage magazines under hooded beauty parlor hair dryers.

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Source: FB/Antonio Marras
Courtesy of Antonio Marras