“I don’t want too many things,” Alberta Ferretti said backstage, making fluttery hand gestures signifying ruffles and frills. “I felt this was an important moment to look back at the past and to think about what I want for the present.”

The beginning of the show was not recognizably Alberta Ferretti at all. She opened with a range of chic black one-piece swimsuits and bikinis, the former, spare and simple but for some minimalist cutouts in the back, and a bikini top with its strings wrapped around the waist. Things got somewhat more familiar as they progressed into draped black Grecian dresses and jumpsuits, one with a leather buckle at the bust and cutout belly, and a chiffon apron with utilitarian leather straps.

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Source: FB/Alberta Ferretti
Courtesy of Alberta Ferretti


Behind the scenes: Alberta Ferretti Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Show

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